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R. William Wray & Associates provides comprehensive services for inventors, companies, and legal associates on all aspects of intellectual property.

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Trademark Attorney and Copyright Lawyers in Ottawa

R. William Wray & Associates has a team of trademark attorney and copyright lawyers in Ottawa. We are proficient in dealing with patents, trade secrets, and various issues relating to intellectual property.

Protecting intellectual rights is important because it gives you the licence to create new and original works. These unique creations can be patented, copyrighted, or registered depending on the type of work and the industry concerned. Intellectual property also plays a very important role in creating high-paying jobs and contributes to the nation’s economy.

Below are some of the intellectual property rights that we can advise for:


If you are inclined towards technology and have new inventions, it’s always important to patent those creations. This will help you establish ownership of your work and prevent others from duplicating it without your permission.


Trademarks help to make your brand legit. With the increase in your business reputation, your brand becomes more valuable as well. It is similar to a property asset that can be bought, sold, and licensed.


When a design is new and original and has not been published in any country before, you can register it. For any issues relating to industrial designing, you can consult our experienced lawyers for proper guidance.


Literary and artistic works, such as photographs, architectural design, software codes, furniture designs, lyrics, and poems, need a copyright. For this, your work of art should be original. Copyrighting it will help you establish that you are the sole owner of it, and no one will be able to duplicate it.


Franchising helps the company with ease of supervision and helps to spread the business without the risk of debt. If you are facing problems relating to franchising, get in touch with us for the right advice.

Trade secrets

Trade secrets are the key to your business and protecting them is mandatory. It could be a formula, recipe, program, method, or process that would help you gain a winning edge over your competitors. We can guide you on ways to protect it and ensure that your trade secret stays a secret.


There can be many kinds of licensing, such as technology licence agreement, trademark licensing and franchising agreement, and copyright licensing. Our team at R. William Wray & Associates can help you with such licensing issues. Contact us today.

Intellectual property

Any original creations such as new inventions, designs, literary and artistic works, and trade secrets can be categorized as different kinds of intellectual properties. We can assist you in safeguarding them.

Integrated circuit topography

These are the circuit designs that can be used to make electrical and computerized products. The integrated circuit topography is a complex combination of semi-conductors, metals, insulators, and more. If you have created any unique circuit design, it should be registered, after which you can have the absolute right to make, sell, import, lease, or sell the property.

Plant breeder's rights

If you have created a new variety of plant, you should have it registered. This will give you exclusive rights in relation to propagating materials, such as seed and tissue culture and harvested materials, such as flowers, fruits, and foliage.

If you are one of those with creative minds and want to know more about how to protect your intellectual property, call us today.

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