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R. William Wray & Associates provides comprehensive services for inventors, companies, and legal associates on all aspects of intellectual property.


Looking to patent your own inventions and designs? R. William Wray & Associates, a Canadian intellectual property firm, will help you protect your patents, designs,  trademarks, and copyrights. Our experienced team of intellectual property professionals serves clients from Ottawa and all over Canada. 

Our firm provides comprehensive services to inventors, companies and legal associates in all aspects of intellectual property. This includes searches, preparing, filing and prosecuting applications, enforcing intellectual property rights, licensing, franchising, and related matters. Together with our network of U.S. and foreign associates, we are able to protect your rights worldwide.

Safeguarding Your Rights Since 1974

We have been protecting your rights since 1974. Our mission is to provide our clients with effective and efficient advice with respect to their intellectual property. We believe that any advice that we provide and any intellectual property protection that we obtain for our clients should be worthwhile and complement our client's business objectives for their intellectual capital. This means that the intellectual property protection that we obtain is one component in the overall business plan, together with financing, marketing, and other considerations.

Need to Patent Your Invention

Need to Patent Your Invention?

We can help you! We also handle copyright, trademark and design issues.

Canadian Inventors and Innovators

Canadian Inventors and Innovators

Get to know about some of Canada’s most inventive and creative minds and their contribution to the world.

Links for Intellectual Property Laws

Links for Intellectual Property Laws

For important URLs related to patent, copyright, trademark, and design.

Experienced and Efficient Guidance

Experienced and Efficient Guidance

Book your free appointment if you have issues related to intellectual property rights.

What's New?

Check out this section for the latest news. We will be updating information regarding new inventions and much more. Stay tuned.

Contact us for our reliable and experienced services in patents, trademarks, and copyright.

Check out the video by David Wray, Patent and Trademark attorney and Managing Partner, to know more.

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